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Our club's longevity has been possible thanks to a set of rules every member abides by.

Please read them before applying for a membership.

Before reading the rules please be aware that: 

We DO NOT store, rent or launch jet skis or organise scuba diving expeditions

Membership is open for boats between 16ft and 19ft

We DO NOT launch non-members boats 

Club Rules

1. The name of the Club is “Skegness Boating Club”.

2. The object of the Club is to facilitate the use of boats, to encourage the sport of boating and generally to provide a safe environment and amenities for its members.

3. All persons of any gender, whether owners or not, who are interested in boating are eligible for proposal for membership.

4. Applications for membership will be submitted to the Hon. Secretary who will place the application before the Management Committee for approval. The decision of the Management Committee will be final.

5. The annual subscription and entrance fee will be decided at the AGM meeting each year and payable by 31st March in any year. Failing this the entrance fee will be charged. A year’s subscription covers from 1st Jan till 31st Dec.

6. No member shall in any year be entitled to exercise any rights or privileges of membership until their subscriptions for the current year and any entrance fee, or arrears if any, are paid in full.

7. Members who drive Club tractors must hold a full car driving licence. Members boats and equipment left in the Compound are left at owners risk and are not insured by the Club.

8. Each boat member will be issued with a registration number, this must be displayed on each side of the boat (size to be approved by Management Committee) also same number on any trailer.

9. Any member who for any reason ceases to be a member, or whose subscription is more than three months in arrears, must remove their boat and trailer (if any) from the boat Compound. In the event of the owner failing to do so, the Management Committee may sell or otherwise dispose of the boat and trailer, having given the owner three months’ notice of its intention to dispose of property by recorded mail to the last known address. The Management Committee may defray from any proceeds of such sale to cover arrears and expenses properly due to the Club before any balance of the monies are paid to the boat owner.

10. Each AGM will appoint a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer as Officers of the Club and also appoint six Committee Members who together with the aforesaid Officers will form the Management Committee of the Club.

11. The Management Committee will be responsible to the AGM (or any special General Meeting) for the day to day running of the Club and will submit a report to each AGM or to any Special General Meeting called for specific purpose.

12. Five members will be deemed a Quorum for meetings of the Management Committee.

13. The Management Committee will have powers to co-opt members to maintain its number as and when required.

14. The Hon. Secretary will keep correct minutes of the meetings of the Management Committee.

15. The Hon. Treasurer will submit to each AGM accounts that have been audited by an approved Accountant that has been approved by the AGM.

16. The Management Committee will arrange to hold the AGM between 1st January and 31st March each year and the Hon. Secretary will notify all fully paid up members in writing giving at least 14 days’ notice.

17. The Management Committee may at any time introduce temporary regulation affecting the use of the Club amenities or property and these may remain in force until ratified or otherwise as at AGM.

18. The Management Committee or any ten members of the Club may at any time call a Special Meeting of the Club for a special purpose giving seven days’ notice in writing to all members.

19. Every member undertakes by implication to comply with these Rules and any of the regulations which govern the working of the Club.



1. Club Members only to drive tractors (must have current driving licence).

2. The Tractor must not be reversed into the sea.

3. Under no circumstances tractor to be left below high water mark.

4. Do not stop engine below high water mark.

5. It is the responsibility of the first person of the day to check oil, water and fuel.

6. Tractors to be driven on solid ground at all times – please check creeks on foot before crossing.

7. Any problems with Tractors below high water mark please contact telephone numbers listed in cabs.

8. All boats must conform to safety regs i.e. lifejackets, flares, anchor and suitable rope, either remote engine or paddles/oars.

9. All trailers to be fitted with 10ft to 12ft of towing rope or strap fixed to rear of trailer to aid recovery.

10. The power winches on the tractors must be used with care and checked for wear (cable splits or loose shackles) if any faults detected then do not use and report to the Management Committee.

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